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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your quilts truly one-of-a-kind?
Yes. Because our quilts are only constructed after a consultation with customers regarding their vision, our quilts are truly custom. As you can see on the homepage of our website, we have constructed several quilts for the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. They have all come out different base on the customer’s vision, the space they plan to showcase them in, and our discretion in the end-product as artists with ethics.

Are the quilts and framed fiber art pieces on your website for sale?
No. The featured pieces on our website are custom orders that have already sold, or were made for example purposes to highlight the type of work we can accomplish for you.

Do you make other types of quilts?
Yes. We recently constructed a quilt for a university to commemorate their founder. We made a quilt for a customer who traveled globally, utilizing authentic fabrics from the areas this customer spent time at. We have also constructed quilts to honor historical buildings. We have even taken customer’s favorite framed pieces of artwork and made quilts with the same design. We won’t go as far as to say let your imagination run wild but, we do have the expertise to bring to life just about any vision you have for a custom quilt. Our Chief Design Officer is Barbara McCraw, just visit her website at to see the diversity of her work to give you a better idea of what we can accomplish.

Can you make quilts in smaller sizes?
Yes. Though the quilts featured on our website are our standard sizes, we understand not everyone has the wall space for larger pieces. At the end of the day, each quilt we construct is at the customer’s discretion when it comes to the actual size of the quilt.

What does it take to order your custom quilt or framed fiber art?
Contact us using our online order form or email and we will contact you back within 48 hours. After an initial consultation regarding your vision, we will initiate a written proposal and forward it to you; in essence this is our contract. Upon the time you agree to the contract language and our receipt of a non-refundable deposit of half of the agreed amount, work begins on your one-of-a-kind piece of art. Final payment is due after your piece is completed and will be shipped upon receipt of that payment.

How do you properly care for quilts?
Quilts should not be displayed on walls that direct sunlight has access to on a regular basis. Use your vacuum cleaner brush attachment to go over your quilt 2-3 times a year to remove built up dust.

How do you determine the price of your offerings?
Pricing has to do with the size and type (pieced/whole cloth) of quilt you choose, the intricacies of the design (making a pattern/hand-cutting several small pieces), the cost (specialty/designer) and rarity (antiqueness) of fabric, the overall manual labor, and the premium associated with artwork from a designer who is a master quilter at the international level.

Are your framed fiber art pieces quilted?
Yes and No. Prices represented on our website for our framed fiber art do not include being quilted. In essence, our framed pieces are custom fabric designs professionally sewn onto a background fabric and professionally framed. We have also constructed smaller custom quilts for customers who wanted them framed.

How long does it take to construct a custom quilt?
We typically guarantee completion of custom quilts in 60 days upon receipt of the agreed upon payment. Depending on how busy we are at a given time, completion can be fewer than 60 days, but usually no longer than that time period. In every case, we communicate our timeline on the front end of our negotiations with you.

Who is responsible for the cost of shipping?
Costs represented on our website for quilts and framed pieces include shipping. In most every case, we ship via the United States Postal Service, and use professional packing to ensure your item(s) arrives as they should.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept money orders, checks, PayPal, and most major credit cards. If you use PayPal to pay for your goods, the additional cost of 2.9% plus $.0.30 USD per transaction is added to your total price. For example…if you use PayPal to purchase a $900 small whole cloth quilt, the total price would be $926.40, including the additional fees of $26.10 and $0.30. If you choose to pay via a major card, there is an additional fee of 2.75% added to your total price. For example…if you use a Visa debit card to purchase a $1600 large pieced quilt, the total price would be $1644.00, including the additional fee of $44.00.

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