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History of Quilting

Greek Street Boutique Quilt ArtQuilting has a rich history. Most people are familiar with quilts only to the extent of bed coverings their grandmothers made. According to historians, quilts originate from Europe in the 12th Century as clothing made for warmth and protection. One of the oldest decorative quilts was made around 1360, its remnants remain on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in Florence, Italy.

Quilts are being made in every culture in the world on every continent. From Australia to Asia, from Europe to South America, each culture and each era in time has had its own unique style of quilting. Throughout history quilts have been used as part of religious and tribal ceremonies, said to have been connected to the Underground Railroad in assisting slaves escape to freedom, and used for providing warmth to soldiers on the battlefield exposed to inclement weather.

Today, quilts have made quite an impact on the art world. They have evolved from their horizontal placement on beds and have assumed a vertical position on walls to admire as art. To construct a quilt of our quality is hard work. It requires a master fiber artist who not only has the physical training and coordination of eye and hand, but also the genius to unravel such an intricate puzzle. That hard work is much evident in our offerings.

Why Fraternity and Sorority Quilts

Greek Street Boutique Quilt ArtBarbara is the proud mother of a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Though her son has many of her quilts in his collection, he always wanted one to represent his beloved organization. Barbara finally made his dream come true in early 2015, he convinced her soon after these would be sought after by discerning fraternity and sorority members seeking a one-of-a-kind item to commemorate their organization. Though not the type of quilt Barbara would sit down and normally construct, they decided to form Greek Street Boutique and make these custom art pieces available to the public.

Greek Street Boutique wants to be clear that though we began with quilts for a Black Greek organization due to the reason above, our custom quilts are for any Greek-letter organization and its members who so choose. We encourage you to visit Barbara’s personal website,, to view the diversity of her work.

Quilt shown is Whole Cloth Gold-Laced Fabric from India
35” x 37”


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